Biotas provide confidential DNA identification testing services to members of the public and legal professionals.

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Grandparentage Testing

Confidential DNA Grandparentage Testing that establishes a relationship in situations where the potential father cannot be tested.

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Siblingship Testing

Providing confidential, fast and accurate DNA Sibling Tests that will establish the biological relationship between two or more siblings.

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What is Legal DNA Testing

What is Legal DNA Testing?

Legal DNA testing is typically used to confirm the paternity of a child when dealing with child maintenance, custody, and immigration issues. The DNA tests themselves are crucial in many legal cases, as the court-ordered results provide scientific evidence to determine disputes.

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Paternity DNA Test

Examining a Paternity DNA Test

A Paternity DNA Test is used to determine whether a man is or is not the biological father of a child and may be required for several other reasons, which this article will examine.

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