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Digital forensics firm expand capabilities with DNA testing services

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DNA testing services

CYFOR launches DNA testing services through Biotas.

Following sustained growth during the pandemic, Manchester-headquartered Digital Forensics and Cyber Security experts CYFOR have expanded their services, offering DNA relationship testing under the brand name Biotas.

Designed as a new division firmly under the wider CYFOR group, Biotas will operate from a Ministry of Justice and ISO:17025 accredited laboratory, providing a range of DNA relationship testing services, such as Paternity, Maternity and Grandparentage testing and many more.

Biotas will cater primarily to legal professionals and local authorities, a client base with which the business is already well established. Biotas will also serve members of the general public seeking ‘peace of mind’ testing.

Founded in 2002, CYFOR provides Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Security services to law firms, regulatory bodies, and businesses. Their venture into DNA testing with the creation of Biotas will further perpetuate growth for the company and generate employment opportunities within the Manchester region.

Following years of sustained growth, we feel it is the right time to diversify our client offering by stepping into a related, yet new and thriving sector. This journey starts with DNA testing, but over the coming months and years, we intend to add a suite of complementary offerings, including Toxicology and other Wet Forensics disciplines.
We are enormously excited by the new opportunities this will bring to the CYFOR Group.

Lawrence Perret-Hall, Commercial Director at CYFOR & Biotas

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