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Welcome to Biotas: DNA Relationship Testing Services

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DNA relationship testing services

Biotas launches to facilitate public and legal DNA relationship testing requirements.

Designed as a new department firmly under the CYFOR company umbrella, Biotas will operate from a Ministry of Justice and ISO17025 accredited laboratory, providing a range of DNA relationship testing services such as Paternity, Maternity and Grandparentage testing.

Who are we? 

Biotas is a new business that will operate as a standalone department within the CYFOR Group, providing a range of DNA relationship testing services. These are all available to order directly through our easy-to-use website.

Who do our services cater to?

Biotas provide confidential DNA identification testing services to members of the public and legal professionals, a client base with which the business group is already well established. Using the latest technology, we will offer accurate, reliable, and confidential DNA testing for peace of mind, legal, court-ordered and immigration purposes. These include paternity, sibling, grandparent, avuncular, zygosity and maternity testing, with results available the next working day if required (from receipt of the test).

What are our accreditations?

As part of the CYFOR Group, we are certified with stringent international standards including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 operating from a Ministry of Justice approved and ISO17025 accredited laboratory, ensuring concise and high-quality processes.

Corporate responsibility

Biotas understand the responsibility of offering DNA relationship testing services and does so with the greatest professionalism. In compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2004, no DNA test will be carried out without the consent of each person involved or, in the case of a child, the consent of someone with parental responsibility.

Who are CYFOR?

Operating globally, CYFOR is a leading provider in eDiscovery, Digital Forensics, Corporate Forensic Investigations and Cyber Security. These specialisms cater predominantly to the legal sector, regulatory authorities, businesses, and private individuals. CYFOR are instructed on commercial, criminal and corporate investigations, as well as litigation and dispute resolution matters. 

Do you need a DNA test? 

If you require a DNA relationship test for personal or legal purposes, then please select the appropriate test from our website. If you’re not sure about what you require you can find more information in our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can contact us for further assistance. 

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